Multiuser rental streams, family plans coming to Netflix?

Multiuser rental streams, family plans coming to Netflix?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]An upcoming virgin voyage into the expensive world of original programming; spats with content providers; and pressure over bandwidth costs. Netflix faces all three moving forward. The successful company, however, isn't letting those behind-the-scenes issues take center stage in lieu of catering to a changing market. Or at least that's what recent changes to its Investor FAQs suggest. You don't get to 60 million paying subscribers without making a few changes.

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I still want Dvd’s in hand, i like owning them, that way i can watch them whenever i want. Streaming is all right, but if you do not live in the middle of some large city, it is no good. I am not going to sell my house and move to the city just to have streaming. The phone company i have is lousy and i do not see it getting any better in the next 20 years.


Streaming has its place. I keep a current list of titles to stream so my family anf I can enjoy a plethora of visual entertanment at our whim, so to speak. The current downside to streaming,especially with reference to Netflix, is that streaming is in standard, not HD or BluRay specs. So BluRays still have to be physically maied, and many of the standard DVDs are not available for sreaming, either because they are not autorized or simply nor available. Regardless of the reason, physical mailing of DVDs and especially BluRay movies, etc, will be the norm. Netflix has a lot of work to do with the studios and the distributers to get the entire spectrum of HD streaming to be be as effective as the mail-it-out system.