Multiuse DVD Media

Just noticed dabs have multiuse DVD media which apparently you can use as a + or a - disc - has anyone got any experiences with it? o me it seems like a bodge and i doubt it’d work well but would be interested to hear what everyone else thinks!

here’s the link:

since +r and -r are physically different this doesn’t really seem possible


Looking at calendar… No, it’s not april fools day?! :confused:

The only explanation I can think of (other than that they are lying) is that the media is double-sided with DVD+R on one side and DVD-R on the other side, but that would be at least twice as expensive to make so it doesn’t seem likely.

Quite funny :stuck_out_tongue:

“What disks do I need?” is a common question when buying DVD’s. However with the dawn of the NEW Mutiuse DVDR Disk this should never be an issue again.

Dabs are fortunate to obtain the latest media development to offer to it’s customers, manufactured to the exacting standards of Europe’s top brands

MultiUse means that it works as both a DVD+R and a DVD-R, therefore whthere you use the DVD-R drive in your PC or the DVD+R recorder under you TV, a Multiuse Disk will work.

I’ve got some bridges I’ll sell ya. :iagree: You can drive across them in either direction.

this brings up the real question, what are the real differnces between + and -?

everyone seems to have there own idea of what the real differnces is but what is the TRUE differnce, facts only please :slight_smile:

i know all that stuff, i ment whats the differnces in the manufactering besides the dye

so basicly i am asking, what physical differnces make it - and +

you obviously don’t “know all that stuff”

try here and read/scroll down before asking others to do the legwork for you:

there are many differences…from dye type to lead in/out to recording wavelength.

btw, it’s not all that inconceivable considering they had dual DVD & CD discs in the past.

ok, well most of those links u link to all but maybe that one didnt do much for explaining

thanks tho

the links i provided answered the question as you wrote it above…not sure how/why im supposed to assume what you did and didn’t know.

after reading that i am almost tending to agree with u that they could be concivable, i wonder if anyone has bought them and tried to burn them

now as on there website, says either or, now how would u choose what format it would be recording at in ur dual format drive?

the only thing that doesn’t fit is the cost. less than $30 for 100pk…hardly a price you’d expect from a much more costly to manufacture disc (i assume it’s more expensive to produce).

good question about how would you choose the type to use…and better yet, why wouldn’t you be able to write to both layers (if that’s how they’re constructed, in layers).

say what? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

ok… never heard of anything like that nor do i imagine that as a “WRITABLE” format. can anyone rouse the SPATH? with little effort he could lay it down one way or another. what about kenny?

frankly, i’d never heard of those discs either and you’re most likely right about the write capability. both spath and kenny have been quite quiet lately.

lots of non-pun-intended alliteration in my post.

  • and - recordable media are completely incompatible because of the
    wobble differences, as explained in
    This is either a two-sides disc, or complete crap.

ok somebody surrender some of that tea and crumpet money and tell us what it is… Dee-27 are you out there? can you assign a minion?