Is it possible to call NeroBurn function from two threads to write 2 DVD recorders simultaneously? I am using NeroAPI6.6.0.1. If it is impossible. Is it possible to open the same program twice to burn 2 DVD recorders at the same time?
I would be really appreciated if someone could tell me this. It is really urgent. thanks

Nero API documentation 7.2.45. NeroOpenDevice reads: “In general, an application may not access devices from multiple threads simultaneously. Even if NeroOpenDevice allows to obtain more than one handle for a device, the different handles may not be used at the same time.” and 13. Known Limitations: “Methods of the NeroAPI should not be called simultaneously from different threads. Only one recorder can be accessed at a time.”

But you can start multiple processes to burn on different recorders in parallel. So starting two instances of the same application, which uses NeroAPI for burning, is OK.

Nero Burnig Rom Can do, but how to use with Nero SDK ??

AFAIK multiple recorders are currently not supported by the Nero API.