Is it safe to do other things on the computer while i’m burning? Someone told me with Nero ultra 7, it was ok to surf the web, listen to music, etc. Any comments?

I’ve never gotten very good results doing that, but then again, I don’t use Ultra 7, so your mileage my vary.


If in doubt. Don’t.
Otherwise, try it and see. If you mess a disk up, you’ll know not to do it in future.
I won’t do anything while burning, but that’s just me.

Nero 7 tends to use a lot of RAM on it’s own…if I’m using that, then I don’t do anything else whilst burning.

If I’m using something more lightweight to burn, then I may surf the web a bit, check email, whatever, nothing huge though like Photoshop. :wink:

C@tbyte hit the nail on the head - try it and see.

I learned a long time ago to keep my hands off my computer while the burning is going on.

I do not think it is much of a problem anymore with cds but dvds I would never do that.

well depends on the computer frankly and the dvd unit. This is why the innovation known as buffer under run protection came to be.
Well if u have enough memory and transfer speed u can even play a 3d game while burning. The only way to test your rig’s responsivness is to try something while it is burning and check the result afterwards for comparison

cpu and ram don’t seem to affect burning at 8x much(as long as they are adequate) but hard drive access is another story, with fragmentation of large video files, I don’t want any other program reading or writting to that drive significantly during the burn.

I have a dual core and still prefer to close just about everything when I do a Nero burn, or any optical burn for that matter. I just don’t want to goof anything up, and it seems I get the best results when I run Nero, do the burn and do nothing else while it’s happening.

Nero Burning ROM v6.6.1.4 and up(except the OEM v6.6.1.6) uses an “advanced” form of the Ultra-Buffer write cache. If not doing any multi-tasking simultaniously during the write process, then a big chunk of RAM is reserved as write cache(even though the preferences is set to only e.g. 80MB!). Then e.g. if loading a browser simultaniously and maybe some other apps also, then you can see in task manager that Nero releases some of that RAM, as the system needs it also for other tasks. Personally i don’t like Nero v7.x.x.x very much and to me this feature is useless, and i prefer V6.6.0.18 anytime. Also i really don’t see the need to reserve e.g. about 220MB or more for a simple burning process :disagree: If a normal sized write cache isn’t enough e.g. 80MB maximum, then it’s a sign of a hardware problem or of fragmentation and then it would be better to fix the problem instead of going to these extrems IMHO. Anyway, sorry for going off-topic here, and i would also not recommend doing other tasks during the write process, atleast i never do :).

Thanks all. Thats been a help. I knew about being careful when burning cd’s with other programs but i never had any experience burning dvd’s with nero 7. All i was going on was what someone else told me. I will have to bump up my ram, all i have is 256 mb. Thanks again.

I have two computers with 1gig in both and I still would not multitask while burning a dvd…