Multisystem Dvd Recorders



OK. First of all, thanks to CD Freaks and the existing forum people for having me as a new member.
It’s like this. I just bought the LG DR275 DVD Recorder. I live in a PAL zone overseas, but have many family movies on NTSC videotape and my Digital camcorder is also NTSC.
The “blurb” for the DR 275 indicates it is multisystem, and indeed in the manual it lists PAL, SECAM, B/G AND I protocols, but not NTSC. I attempted to copy from my tapes and my camera and got B&W (with sound) and with a “herringbone” background.
I am going to burn a DVD directly on my computer and see if that would play in color on the Recorder.
So, my question is: :confused:Is there a tweak that can be made to allow the Recorder to accept NTSC?