Multissssion CD with read problems



Dear Members,

Ik have a CD with two sessions. A part of the files is not readable (the directory is visible). The files cannot be opened or copied.
With CDRdiagnostics I can see that it are two sessions. If I copy in CDRDiagnostices the message appears sector 1 not readable (first session)for some files. The second session copy gives a lot of errors for some files with result as mensioned above.

Question: Do You know a way to read my (valuable) data on this disk.

Thanks a lot for the answer.


Ad H.


Try right clicking on you cdrom device and choose Properties then select Volumes.Now you look at a screen where your 2 sesions are shown.Select the one you want to read and that’t that.Nederlandse vertaling voor het geval dat.Klik met je rechter muis knop op je cdrom apparaat en kies eigenschappen daarna kies Volumes en nu zit je in een scherm waar de inhoud van je cdrom op staat vink nu hetgene aan wat je wil lezen.