Multisessioning Homemade DVD's


I’m new to the DVD writing stuff and I’d like to record home movies and holidays and stuff onto DVD.

I’ve edited the clips and can create menu’s and stuff in DVDit. This is fine and I understand the process, but what I’d like to be able to do is to add movies at a later date on either +R or +RW discs. There’s nothing in DVDit about multisessioning, however I know Nero can multisession DVD’s. So, is it possible to edit the existing menu and add a couple more clips to the DVD or would I have to recompile and burn the whole project again?

Thanks for any help


You can Multisession a Data DVDR, you simply cannot Multisesion a Movie DVDR.

Thanx CM. What is the point if you cannot multisession a movie DVD? It would be like only being able to record once onto a VHS tape, then you’d have to wipe it and start over to add movies onto it!

How do standalone DVD-writers do it then? I’m sure they can multisession onto a DVD+RW??


Originally posted by beavis99
Thanx CM. What is the point if you cannot multisession a movie DVD?

You have NEVER been able to multisession a VCD or a SVCD or a DVD. The movie houses produce these in one complete CD/DVD in one go/one burn, simple as that. These formats were not made with the home hobbiest in mind.

With the price of DVDR’s coming down, so what if you only fill a dvdr 1/2 full.

I know, but VHS has always been “multisessionable”, you can add recordings at anytime. DVD recorders designed for the consumer markets must have thought about this issue, or did they really think that people would do one off recordings?


But we all live in a world of multisession and non-multisession.

My old record collection, I could not even make a record. I could not mulisession anything. My original music CD collection I could not mutisession. I could if I transfered it to Cassette tape however.

Its only been in the later years that even Data CD’s coule be made multisession and readable on most cdroms. My 2 year old Toshiba DVD rom will not see past the first session of a DVD Mulisession data disk, but can for a CD.

Maybe the use of DVDRW’s can be a compromise.

All I can suggest is you try and contact the Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG) who set up all the MPEG1 and MPEG2 standards we use today and voice your dissaproval of not being able to multisession a DVD. Best of luck.