Multisession woes

ok. am stressing out. i think i just lost an entire semester’s work to my dvd burner.

i burnt a data dvd with 95% of the stuff with blaze media pro and then realised that i’d missed a folder. so i burnt the last folder on the dvd in a separate session, only to put in the dvd and find that the first lot of stuff i burnt was no longer recognised when i put in the dvd. i thought i had all the settings right, but now i can’t access the first lot.

is there any way i can get this first lot recognised? i mean, it was burnt and the information is there (its a dvd-r, NOT a dvd-rw so the info shouldn’t have been deleted) and it took ages to burn, and i don’t want to go into the sticky details of why i can’t burn the first lot again. i might cry.

any help, or closure, would be fantastically appreciated.

(the work’s all done and handed in, so its not the end of the world if i can’t get it back, but heartbreakingly frustrating nonetheless.)

Hi, and welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

You can try using ISObuster to access earlier sessions. Many of us here advise against using multisession on DVD at all, and in any case it is only really designed for DVD+RW.