Multisession with dvd+rw

I have Nero6 installed in my PC (XP Pro SP2). I use a dvd+rw for multisession data burning. For the 1st session the burning process was completed successfully. I cannot select the “Continue Multisession Disc” option in the Multisession tab for it is greyout when i inserts the dvd+rw with session 01 for burning the 2nd session. I add files to the compilation window and start writing Nero complains that the disc is not empty and all data will lost after writing. In the “Disc Info” window “Session 01” is detected. How could i solve the problem to carry out multisession burning? Thank you!!

Problem solved.

The “Continue Multisession Disc” option is available in the “New Compilation” dialog. if you select “Make Data DVD” from the so-call Smartstart center you have to close the new compilaton and then open a new one. Or start Burning Rom direcrly from the start/programs/nero shortcut.