Multisession problem

i have one problem

i create a multisession CD.

if the CD already contain a folder named “TEST” and i use multisession write to add some more files in the ‘TEST’ folder. but nero create TEST1 and write it. I want to put all my files in the same TEST.

anybody face this problem.

This is most probably due to the fact that you import a previous session that already has a TEST folder but instead of adding more entries to it, you create a new folder on the same level and name it TEST. Since there are two TEST folders, this content cannot be written unchanged and NeroAPI renames the second instance.

It is your responsibility to merge the contents of the previous session and the new files/folders that you want to add.

As a reference, you may take a look at NeroCMD source code and MergeIsoTrack function.

hi alex
im using NEROCOM not nerocmd, how i use MergeIsoTrack

else how can i manage these files (i need to add these files to be added in the same folder)