Multisession problem - can't read recently burned files

I have Nero installed which I used for a multisession DVD burn. There are 3 existing folders on the DVD and I added a few files in one of the folders and I closed the disc since it is nearing max capacity. It said that it burned successfully. But when I checked the contents of the DVD (in the DVD drive and in the DVD writer) it only showed the 2 folders I didn’t update (from the previous burns) and not the folder I updated. The disc space usage also showed the disc usage of only those 2 folders. I no longer have those files I burned previously in my HD (free HD is only 1GB+) and I desperately want to retrieve them.

I don’t think there is a problem with the DVD writer but in any case, my DVD writer is NEC ND-3540A. I used AFA DVD-R (didn’t have any problems with previous multisession burns); Melody and Sony did give me flaky burns the first 2 tries.

Is there a way to retrieve my files? And, any ideas on what I did wrong (so I won’t do it again)?

Thank you. :slight_smile: