Multisession on +RW but not on +R?



I tested this on three different standalone dvd-players: if I have a +RW disc written in multisession then all sessions are available and the content is fully playable; but of I have a +R (or -R) disc written in multisession (in the same conditions the +RW was burnt) only the content of the first session is readable on any standalone dvd-players I tested. Now, how come this? Is there any logical explanation of this? I don’t know where to search for an answer and Google does not help me very much.



Ok, read… found no explanation… they do not discuss about multisession DVDs; other ideas?


i could be wrong but i don’t think you can write in multisession to a -R disc.

try these links too:

sorry can’t be of more help. just trying to give you some informative links.


Well, thank you drpino for helping me out… though I do not found what I was searching for, there are several interesting articles.


no problem…good luck in figuring it out. :smiley:


One of those articles says you can write multisession on -R, but waste a lot of capacity as -R always wants some kind of lead-in/out for every new session written. Was in the “Why +R is superior to -R” or the like article.

EDIT: Forgot: articles also says -R multisession is more compatible with stand-alones than +R multisession. But I think those standalones which cannot handle +R multisession will have problems with -R ms as well. Not sure about that as I only own one standalone DVD player which likes all kind of media I tested so far…


thx for the clarification oman.


Well you are right from the DVD reader´s view point I think. There are lots and lots of things with backward compatibility it appears to me! Probably there was no planning for DVD writing when the DVD standard was invented, or in the first implementations, which might explain why ppl with good (but early) players have more problems reading DVD±R(W) media than those with $35 devices :frowning:


Since when a standalone DVD player is supposed to handle multi-sessions ?
Multi-sessions is for data, not for video, thus only PC drives are supposed to
handle them. Also I bet your recordings on your +RW disc were actually linked,
which makes only one session, which would explain why it works on your
standalone player.


Well, it is possible, I only know that I used the same settings in Nero for burning DVD+R and DVD-R and DVD+RW with the weird result; maybe Nero changes the settings according to the media used… the DVD player I use reads mpeg, mp3 and so on besides vob files… so it would be easier to complete a disc later than waiting for all files I want to put together.