Multisession on DVD+RW

Maybe anyone knows the problem:

I want to continue a DVD+RW with another session, but nero says that the dvd isnt empty. I tried to mark (and unmark) finalize disk. --> no veränderung.
With k3b i add sessions without problems. No matter if finalized or not.
( u really cant finalize a + RW, only overwrite or add a session ).

can anybody help??

PS: my english is very well but i find die wörter nich so schnell :bigsmile:

With DVD’s it works slightly different compared to CD’s. Leaving a session open seem to have no effect (I don’t understand why this option is avaliable with DVD anyway), and this option should not be used with DVD’s. In my settings it is always selected (to close/finalize CD).

The way to continue with a DVD “session” is to first import the old session: Edit -> Import Session (or the icon at the top with 2 “boxes” and an arrow). When you import this you will find your “old” files imported and blue in the filelist. Then you can add files to that and burn.

I hope this helps :wink:

Regarding the “Finalize disc” option and DVD’s, maybe someone else can explain if this has any relevance to DVD burning, and if not why it’s there? Thanks

Yes thats it. Thanx.

But it doesnt work when the 1st session is burned with k3b. Nero only can import a session when the first is also burned with nero.
And when I want to overwrite a used disk, it must be first erase. With k3b I can overwrite it.
Maybe k3b is the better way to burn DVD+RW …
But k3b dont tell, what is used on the disk and what is free space. And k3b has no “virtual recorder”.

Yes, Nero and growisofs (what k3b uses I believe) do not appear compatible. I do not know exactly what the difference is, just that nero requires you to format when overwriting, whereas growisofs just writes blindly over existing data should it exist (when using the -Z option). If I remember correctly k3b is just a frontend btw for growisofs. Other than that all I can say is “I don’t know” :stuck_out_tongue:

Multisession on DVD+RW is not possible by ordinary means as DVD+RW media do not understand the concept of “sessions”.
To overcome this problem, both Nero and growisofs overwrite parts of an existing file-system to redirect file-system drivers to a new incarnation of the directory structures.
This redirection is proprietary and, in case of Nero/NeroAPI, depends on additional management information stored on the disc. Among other things, this management information allows you to losslessly restore any previous version of the file-system that was written to the disc (importing previous session). Nero/NeroAPI doesn’t allow to append to a DVD+RW unless this management info exists to prevent possible data loss/corruption.
Note that you can interchange DVD+RW multisession media with the Windows version of Nero, though.
The concept of having to erase a DVD+RW prior to writing something new is primarily a data security measure: we do not want people to accidentally overwrite their data. No “formatting” or similar process is taking place when quick-erasing a DVD+RW medium. We’re merely overwriting file-system anchors required for mounting a file-system (e.g. sector 16 for ISO9660, sector 256 and N, N-256 for UDF).