Multisession, NeroCom and VB6


I have managed to write a session to the CD containing directory contents. I am having problems adding to the CD. I have set the NERO_BURN_FLAG_CLOSE_SESSION when burning the first session. To write the second session I am doing the following:

*Calling ImportIsoTrack, which on nroDrive_OnDoneImport I am using the folder to set my global folder.

  • I Add my file to the global folder (which contains the folders/files from the previous track).

  • I call BurnIsoAudioCD with the same options as when I burned the first track.

What happens is I get no messages back from NeroCom and after about 10secs VB performs an illegal operation and is closed. If I create a new global folder and burn that it creates a new session, but I can only see the first session in windows (only in Nero can I see both). Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Pyke

Any ideas? anyone?