Multisession Nero 6


I have used Nero 6 to burn an ISO DVD disc with data files. I first created a multisession then added to this multisession with more data at a later date.

Now I can only access the data written during the last session.

I have read the help and it says to right click the DVD icon in explorer and go to the ‘volumes’ tab, but in XP I don’t have this tab.

The data us there because I can see it in Nero but I just cannot access the data. Have I lost it or am I just not doing something correctly?



Have you closed the disc?

The best way to have everything readily available is to import the previous session into the new session each time to add to the disc. Just be sure that everything is appropriately named so you know which files belong to which session.

I found a solution.

You first have to download and install the Multimounter utility, then when you click properties for the DVD device you can see the volumes tab. From there I can select the session, which I select is viewable in explorer.



If you simply import the previous session into the new one, you won’t need to do anything.