Multisession in Nero 7

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First of all sorry for my english. I have problems in multisession with Nero 7. I have XP SP3 and after one format in my pc and reinstall of Nero 7 i has unable to make multisession. I make a data DVD with Nero Express, mark multisession, do not close the DVD.
The files are in the DVD, but only the first session are see in my Divx player, the second session is not there.
In PC i can open all the files.
I try others burnings and the same happen. When i burn second session the files appears open and not with the red X on it.
Can you please help?:doh:

Standalone CD/DVD players generally only look at the first session on multi-session discs. In other words, multi-session discs are generally not supported on standalone players.

You will have to burn your DVDs as single-session in order to use them properly in your DVD player.

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Hi again. Is not a DVD player is a Divx player and after i format PC and reinstall Nero they work fine. Is not in the Divx player himself, is about anything in the Nero or in the PC. Just i don´t knowwhere.:sad:

Sorry for the multiple post. I´m wondering, the one thing i have now and not after the reinstall, is the Nero Scout. It is possible the problem is it?