Multisession, Folder-Creation with NeroAPI


I try to burn different files on CD by using the NeroAPI-SDK.

According to the NeroFiddles example I can burn one file to cd by using NERO_ISO_ITEM and NeroCreateIsoTrackEx.
This works.

My first question
To write two files, I create a second
NERO_ISO_ITEM , fill it with name and path of the second file an pass it’s adress to the nextItem pointer of the first ITEM.

NERO_ISO_ITEM niiOne, niiTwo;
niiOne.nextItem= &niiTwo;
NeroCreateIsoTrackEx(&niiOne, ...)

This doesn’t work. If I do this, Nero hangs up if I start the burn-process.

The second question is:
how can I create a new folder on the CD by using the NERO_ISO_ITEM struct?

and the third question is:
how can I start and continue a Multisession-Disc?
If I use the example of NeroFiddles, NeroBurningRom posts "

Der gewählte Track wurde nicht mit Nero’s Multisession-Option erstellt

would it be easier to use FileSystemContentInterface?

Are there any examples?

Thank you for your help,



I found the problems and resolved them, so there is no need to post an answere here.
If somebody is interested, here a short list:

First problem
(I used a recursive function, but according to my problem above, I post only the solution)

NERO_ISO_ITEM* pniiFirst, *pniiSecond;
pniiFirst= NeroCreateIsoItem();
pniiSecond= NeroCreateIsoItem();

// fill the struct

pniiFirst->nextItem= pniiSecond;

Second problem
was, that I passed a path and a name to the struct when I set the value isDirectory TRUE
only the name was the right solution

Third problem
create a multisession disk…
… is the next I’ll solve :slight_smile:
(i know, that I have to import the previous session)