Multisession DVD

I am just finishing Backup on CDs and now i would like to do it on DVD.

Can some one pleas give some general instructions how to burn multisession DVD, and what are the difrences in compare with mulltisession CD. :bow: :bow:

I am using NeroCOM

I downloaded Nero Burning ROM but is demo.

I dont get no CDInfo2 function.
and CDInfo object does not have MediumFlags property.

What version do i need to burn multisession DVD.

There is neither a CDInfo2 function nor a CDInfo object. You have got things mixed up. You call a CDInfo fuction and wait for a OnDoneCDInfo event. The event handler provides you with a INeroCDInfo interface pointer which gives you access to NeroCDInfo object. If you got the proper library version (Nero version), you will also be able to access INeroCDInfo2 interface pointer which allows you access to the properties you seek.

If using a higher level language such as C# or VB, this should happen automatically and transparently as you normally never work with interface pointers directly.

Thenx alexp

I wulld still like to ask about the version.
I downloaded Nero Burning ROM but is demo.
Is theat ok?

I cant access INeroCDInfo2. Maybe i dont have the right version or i do not know how?

Nero being a demo does not hurt your ability to use NeroCOM.

In what way can’t you access INeroCDInfo2? Do you get any run-time error or what? You should have NeroCOM file version If you have it, something else must be wrong.

if i change
private void drive_OnDoneCDInfo(INeroCDInfo pCDInfo)
private void drive_OnDoneCDInfo(INeroCDInfo2 pCDInfo)

i get next error
Method ‘MDocBeckup.fBackupNaCD.drive_OnDoneCDInfo(NEROLib.INeroCDInfo2)’ does not match delegate ‘void NEROLib._INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)’

if i change allso
drive.OnDoneCDInfo+=new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(drive_OnDoneCDInfo);


drive.OnDoneCDInfo+=new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(drive_OnDoneCDInfo2);

i get next error
The name ‘drive_OnDoneCDInfo2’ does not exist in the class or namespace ‘MDocBeckup.fBackupNaCD’

i am using c#

if i change
private void drive_OnDoneCDInfo(INeroCDInfo pCDInfo)
private void drive_OnDoneCDInfo(INeroCDInfo2 pCDInfo)
Why change the event declaration? This hasn’t changed. You should leave everything as before but change the body of the event handler instead.

For instance, you could have the following code at the beginning of the handler:

NeroCDInfo cdInfo = (NeroCDInfo) pCDInfo;

In the code that follows, just use cdInfo in place of pCDInfo. This way you transparently access all interface pointer extensions, including INeroCDInfo2 in this particular case.

drive.OnDoneCDInfo+=new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(drive_OnDoneCDInfo2);
You can’t do this either. There is no OnDoneCDInfo2 event!
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I found this in some other thread.

There is a MediumFlags property on NeroCDInfo object. You should see if flag NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION is set. If so, you can use GetVMSInfo() method on NeroDrive object. This will give you a NeroVMSInfo object which you can query for VMS sessions. If you now want to import a VMS session, you should call ImportIsoTrack() on a NeroDrive but be sure to include NERO_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION flag as TrackNumber will then be interpreted as a VMS session.

I now call cdInfo end get NeroCDInfo object.
i set cdInfo.MediumFlags.
i get NeroVMSInfo object with GetVMSInfo() method .

Now i don’t know what exactly to do with NeroVMSInfo object
Some healp pleas :bow:

NeroVMSInfo object provides you with info about possible virtual sessions of a DVD±RW disc. If you want to write a multisession disc, you must examine this object and choose which session you would like to import, if any. If you decide to import, make sure to use NERO_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION flag. This changes the meaning of TrackNumber to be a sequence number of a VMS session.

What dou you meen with
This changes the meaning of TrackNumber to be a sequence number of a VMS session?

what should i use for TrackNumber?
NeroVMSInfoObject.count() this maybe?

When the flag NERO_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION is present, the track number is treated as a virtual multisession number. To make it even simpler… if you omit it, the track number should be a sequence number of tracks as returned by GetCDInfo(). If the flag is present, it should be a sequence number of the tracks as returned by GetVMSInfo().

I corected the mistakes but it still dosn’t work for multisession.
It works for first session but not for secend.
Disc is not empty error?

my cdInfo.MediumFlags is set on NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION

then i call

NeroVMSInfo v = drive.GetVMSInfo();

and before burning seems like all is OK but then i get error.
maybe i have some wrong flags or something.
Here i will upload my code if you could pleas hellp me.
it’s short.

I start burning on method
private void button2_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

DVDBurn.txt (7.06 KB)

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Pleas !!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I found the trick by the help of the thread posted by Randolpho.
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it seems theat If you want to burn multisession DVDs you have to pass CDStamp allso
in secend and higher sessions.
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Sorry to bother you folks.
But where did this MS discussion start? I am sooo interested in doing multisession dvd’s but I’m a newbie. What are the steps in Nero Burning to create a MS DVD? And to continue a MS DVD? Is there somebody who can explain this in plain and simple English?