Multisession DVD with NeroCOM

Hi all,

I am using NeroCOM for a DVD writer application which writes in multiple sessions.
How can I get the VMS info for the DVD using NeroCOM.


First of all you should get a disc info using CDInfo() and wait for OnDoneCDInfo event. Then query the MediumFlags property on the object returned and look for the NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION bit. If it is set, you may query the VMS info using GetVMSInfo().

But NeroCDInfo object does not have MediumFlags property…

This is true if you are using an older NeroCOM version. You must install a recent Nero version in order to have this functionality.

Thanks alexp.
I am using the latest version(
In that also, NeroCDInfo doesn’t have MediumFlags property.

Which version of Nero supports this?


Also, I am using the demo version now for development.

There have been three releases since which is about 4 months old. You don’t seem to have updated recently.

As far as the version goes, Nero is distributed with NeroCOM which definitely has the functionality you seek! Check the file version of your nerocom.dll.

Thanks alexp.
NeroCDInfo2 has MediumFlags.
But the parameter to the OnDoneCDInfo event handler is NeroCDInfo.
How to use NeroCDInfo2 ?


INeroCDInfo and INeroCDInfo2 are implemented by the same object so doing a QueryInterface for the INeroCDInfo2 interface should succeed.

In VB this should be transparent. You can always do something like the following (assuming it is applicable):

Private Sub drive_OnDoneCDInfo(ByVal pCDInfo As NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)
Dim i2 As NeroCDInfo
Set i2 = pCDInfo

If you want to be extra cautious, you can check if i2 is Nothing before using it.

Thanks… its working now…