Multisession DVd burns



I am unable to burn more than one session on my DVD burner…help: My operating system is Windows XP SP2.
Nero version is
Model number of my burner is LG GSA-H22N
I have burned multisession Cd’s with no problem.
Trying to burn multisession DVDs I can burn and read the first data but despite the check mark allowing for multisession burning the second burn in a multisession burn completes and verifies it is successful that after the second burn no data on the disc can be read i.e. it shows 0 bytes of data on the disc. Despite showing 0 bytes of data on the disc if you put the disc back in and bring up Nero the Nero screen shows that the files were burned in the multisession burns. Trying a 3rd burn in the multisession burn on the same DVD leads to errors in the burn i.e. the data could not be verified.
The DVD I am using are Sony DVD-R.


If you use the search facility of CD Freaks, then you will see that multisession on recordable DVD is not reliable and cannot be recommended. If you must use it, then DVD+RW format discs are probably the least problematic.


Thank you for your reply…not the answer I was hoping for tho…cheers


As part of experimentation you can always go ahead and does it see how it would be after all you get first hand knowledge of how multi-session works on CD and DVD. I have done this in Stand Alone DVD recorder and results are fine but with PC DVD burner is different question.


thanks for the info…regards