Multisession DL DVD Experience? I need you!

Oh am I having problems finding info on this one. I have purchased a Plextor 760A and a whole pile of Verbatim 8-10x DL DVDs. I can’t seem to be able to burn DL multisession DVDs in any program, and I have tried 4 different ones!!! Plextor says it could be software and they don’t even know if the disk supports multisession DL writing. :eek:
So after exhaustive searching and downloading and buying different software and two calls to tech support I’m just trying to find someone who has burned multisession DL DVDs. I am a photographer and on any day I can shoot between 5 and 20 gigs of photos! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggest to avoid Multisession for DVD, especially for DL DVD.
You may have luck with +R DL and Nero, but only maybe.

Hmm… Does that mean that it doesn’t support it officially. Or is there anywhere I can find info for it? In other words should I RMA the drive or not? What do ya think?

Plextors are a good drive so I wouldn’t RMA it just now but if you are trying to burn Multisession DVD you are going to have problems which ever brand of drive you use! DVD or DL DVD is not the best for it. You are always going to have problems reading the disc. You should be using DVD-Ram, the best drives for it are Lite-On, LG and Pioneer. You can use it to keep adding your Photos and when you have it full burn it on a normal DVD and reuse the Ram disc as many times as you want.

A ram disk, I don’t understand. Is this just a placeholder on my hard drive to place the images temporarily til there is enough stuff to burn?

I guess I never thought that they would be selling something that just flat doesn’t work. That’s nuts! I need a strategy to get theses photos off these moving disk platters so they aren’t killing me in storage costs. I don’t think I can trust this technology even if I do get it working at this point.

Well their tech guy didn’t even know if it was supported but here it is.

I got this from a PDF posted on

Did you try Nero as suggested by chef? You should get a ‘New Compilation’ window that has several options, including multi-session (see below).

What coathi is saying, and probably the rest of us would agree with, is that DVD in general and especially double-layer discs are not a great archival medium for anything. Although multisession is available on DVD +RW, it’s not reliable on DVD +R or and -R/-RW format.

DVD-RAM is the third DVD format, probably more resilient than +R or -R and tends to work more like a hard disk, so for multi-session it could be better. It really depends on how long you are expecting to store these images for.

Thanks for the info. I have tried both Roxio and Nero and neither one would write DL spanning disks. I’ve gone through about 25 at this point just testing and I have yet to get just one spanned volume off of either one of those softwares.

About RAM, I guess it looks like I bought a fast drive that doesn’t support Ram writing. This RAM stuff sure looks like a slow process. Perhaps tape is better, I don’t know at this point. Are Blue Ray disks going to be any more dependable?

I’m not sure why Nero wouldn’t work for you - which version are you using? Can you confirm you are using +R and not -R DL discs?

Tape would be better for archiving and incremental backups, but not necessarily very fast. Blu-Ray is too new for a consumer-level technology to be able to recommend either its reliability or longevity.

Nero may not work just becase the drive is defective.

I am using Vertabim +R DL. The solution I need is just this. A way to archive from 5 to 20 gigs every 3 days.

I don’t think Multisession Discs and Disc Spanning are one and the same thing? :confused:

@seedomo, do you need to archive a lot of files in one go, where those files take up more space than a single disc? Or do you need to archive files to a disc without filling that disc, and then later on add more files to that same disc?

The first task is archive spanning, and the second task is multi-session burning.
These are very different tasks and need different solutions!

If you need a solution for archive spanning, take a look at the following solution posted on another forum:

Splitting directories for DVD burning

Here is the problem…
I create folders for each [B]subject[/B] I shoot by the name of the subject and date. These folders have subfolders in them that can be extensive like /Raw /retouched /for web /to client /to printer and so on. While most of these [B]subject [/B] folders can fit onto a single DL DVD, some can’t. For those that can’t, how do i split them since there’s no [B]EASY[/B] way to decide [B]how[/B] to split them nor do I want the hastle of doing it. :disagree: I seemed to me that spanning was the answer. :clap: As far as the above link (HardLink Utility), thanks for the suggestion but I couldn’t figure it out. :o Any suggestions.

I also have a handful of clients that use me on a continual basis for a whole host of media, Web Design, Ads, Photos, CD Design and so on. I have created one folder for each of these clients by Client Name. There are about 10 and each of them are larger than 10Gigs. I would like to find a medium to archive them to. The perfect solution would be to have a piece of software that would [B]Archive[/B] (meaning [B]move[/B] off harddrive) files that haven’t been touched for a year and recreate the directory structure on the disk it is copied to. The important part here is that it would delete the files from the hard drive it had copied from so that it frees up space. OH MAN, if someone read this and understood it my hat is off to ya.
Domo :bow:

:bigsmile: I found a link to a program called Archive Creator which was suggested towards the bottom of the same page you linked to on It sure looks like the solution to my problems!!!