Multisession Discs


Wich programs can write multisession discs??

It can but when you see the disc with the explorer of windows, only show the last session…and if you want see previous sessions you have to go to properties and change the volume right?? it…:Z

CDR win??
You can see all the sessions when you configure the program for to import previous session, it’s great :wink: but the interface with the user is not very friendly :mad:

My question is:

Why when I write the first session with Nero?? I can not burn another session with the CDRWIN??

Is something wrong? Maybe the two sessions should have the same MODE, it means MODE 1, MODE 2. Wich MODE is appropiate for a multisession disc?

Which program is the appropiate to burn various sessions and You can see all the sessions in the explorer of windows??

Thanx for your answers…

I don’t know the answer to your question since I never make multisession discs. However here’s a link that might help you:

use nticdcopy u can browse all sessions with da session explorer n u can do multisessions cds n its very user friendly i doubt ull have proiblms :smiley:

I think EZCD creator can make multisession cds