Multisession disc


I burned few songs in a CD-R using CDBurnerXp and left the session open to burn more songs at a later time ( mulitsession / leave the disc open ).

I could add more songs later on without any problems.

But strangely I could not add more songs i.e the disc showed full after I played the CD in my car and brought it again to burn some more songs.

Perhaps, the disc is automatically finalised as soon as it is played via a CD player etc?



your car’s CD player can’t do anything to your disc (apart from scratching). So, something possibly went wrong with your CD writing process.


Sounds like you must have finalised the disc without realising.

Don’t forget as well though that a lot of dedicated audio CD players (including car CD players) don’t understand multi-session discs and will only read the first session, which could also be part of your problem.


Like Wombler said CDDA can only be 1 session. If you have more sessions most players won’t see those tracks.

You can do TAO (track at once) though it is not reccomended but players will see that. SAO (multi session) usually won’t work as it violates the Redbook standards.

CDDA should be burned at DAO, single session for best results.

Hi tubebar,

why should TAO mode for CDDA be bad?
I reallycant agree with that.

Sure, DAO (96 etc) is the better option, but TAO is possible in any case.

Hi Chef,

The original Red Book was written long before there were recordable formats. Writing in TAO mode (introduced in the Orange Book) puts link blocks between each track. This is where the laser turns off for one track and back on for the next track. This creates un-correctable sector(s). Being audio, these blocks have no way to tell a player to skip over them. The result is that the player hits sectors that can not be read and the audio for those sectors must be muted or averaged. This can cause an undesireable audible noise.

Most modern drives can handle these TAO discs with very little audible glitches. Some older units can not. The CD player in my car will not even attempt to play a CD-R.

Nice explanation, RichMan. Thanks!!