Multisession disc problem



i have a problem you know
the problem is,yesterday i burned an image file (.mds 50 mb) by alcohol,while i preparing to burn,i marked the ‘dont close the last session of current disc’
when it finished,i wanted to burn another image file (.mds 150 mb) into the same disc,but there was a warning ‘not an empty disc’
so cant i burn multisession cd by using alcohol?
or do you know any method to write multisesion cd by alcohol?



Alcohol should really fix that option…
An imagefile is a closed session by nature and should be burned as disc at once…by leaving the session open when burning,you can’t add data with Alcohol 12% …perhaps WinIso or UltraIso can,but I consider it as an Alcohol flaw…


i cant believe it
why is there an option like [dont close]
now should i use nero?
i think the producers must fix that
thanks for your answer


so how can i write 4 protected cd images in one disc?


You can’t…you have to burn them as data file if you want all 4 of them on a disc,or you have to create an image from scratch with UltraIso(or similar program),extract all images into that new image and create a new autorun for it…but 9 times out of 10 the protection will be messed up and the dvd will not work without special “modifications”…


i made an image file by using alcohol from a protected disc
then i extracted it by using ultraiso
and i cant believe my eyes
image file size was 650 mb,cd was 650,too
but the extracted image file size was 140 mb
then i want to run the extracted one’s exe but it didnt work
so in this cage how can i write 4 protected discs into one cd or dvd media?
for all of 4 cd media i have the same problem :frowning:
by the way i dont like nero


i burned an image onto a cd using alcohol, about 650mb, leaving the 'dont close session ’ ticked. later i burned another file to the cd using nero. now i cant access the first session. bit of a newbie in this area, so please help. is there any way to get to the first session? (ps. i did the same once before, but somehow got it right, god knows whats happened this time around)


i think i ve solved the problem
as you see at pic 2,there is written track 1 and session 1
when you write the extra files on a multisessioın disc there must be track1 session 2
so alcohol doesnt support this option,producers should read this topic
@vvivek you should read this,i took that from alcohol help files
'Don’t close the last session of current disc (optional): Users can decide whether to close the last session of the copied disc or not. To close the last session of the disc means you cannot write any more data to this disc after the recording process is finished. To enable this selection, users can record data next time, if the copied disc still has sufficient capacity. However, we do not suggest enabling this function, as some CD/DVD reader cannot read multi-session discs properly.
‘you should try it in different cd-dvd rom/writer’