Multisession date/time problem

I have a problem with multisession CD, date/time for files from previous sessions is moved back some 40 hours or so. It’s strange as on some systems is working fine, and date / time for older files is preserved, while on other systems there is problem.



this problem appears in this forum several time in the last months and years (see,, and The offset seems to be related to yout timezone (I notice a timeoffset of -1 hour for every multisession session because I live in GMT+1). I have this problem for a long time but never read a solution in this forum. But maybe someone has a solution.

In is a solution (or better workaround) for the C++ interface of NeroAPI. But I never read a solution for the C interface (using NERO_ISO_ITEM) which I use.

I hope Nero will fix this problem in one of the next releases of NeroSDK (if there is any), if there is no solution or workaround for the C Interface (using NERO_ISO_ITEM).



thanks Michael, I read the other threads about date/time. I’m also using C interface, if time would change only once and would change to UTC that would be no problem, the problem is that for each session all files that already exists on CD will get new date / time, on every new session, so if I begin writing file 1 and this one has timestamp 03/31/2005 3:58 AM, after writing file on session one, windows reads corectly timestamp for file written to CD, while nero reads it wrong, 3/28/2005 7:58 PM. If I’m writing a new file, file 2, on a new session, session 2, after burning this new file timestamp for file 1 is changed again to 3/25/2005 … and so on. This only happens if I’m seting my time zone to -5, I’m in timezone +2, and don’t have this problem while using +2 timezone.
I’m not sure that I can use solution from that thread you’re saying I could use as a workarround; is this a valid solution?: read file date / time using windows api, than read last session using nero and than do some matching between files read by nero / windows and set proper time using C++ interface? Could I use this to solve my problem? Can I mix C / C++ nero calls?

I’ve tested NeroCmd, I’ve burn file using this, and problem is there too.
This is what I’ve used on first session:
–write --drivename F --real --iso VolumName C: ext.txt --close_session
and this on second one:
–write --drivename F --real --iso VolumName C: ext1.txt --close_session --import_iso_only