Multisession DataCD's

Hello NG,

regarding my Post from Friday 24th (Writing Multisession DataCd’s) I tried the suggested Code from the Post at the link

I implemented the code in my App and the Process finished without any errors. But viewing the CD’s Content over the Windows Explorer I have no visible Data, viewing the CD’s Content over The Nero Disk Info I got a Session and one Track visible. Now my Question again, do I really have to use BurnISOAudioCD to write a multisession DATA Disc (not Audio)??

I really would appreciate any help on this topic, because I’m getting a little bit desperate on this topic by now.

Thanks in advance for any help …

Stefan :sad:

Yes, you must use NeroBurnISOAudioCD for multisession data CDs. Use the flag NBF_CLOSESESSION. Import the last session whenever you burn a new session to the disk (see NeroImportDataTrack) and chain it e.g. to the last of your NERO_ISO_ITEMs (set the last item’s nextitem pointer to the imported tree item).

Problem solved, thanks for all the help in the forum