Multisession - CopytoDVD - PLEASE HELP

I CANNOT CANNOT DO MULTISESSION !! I am trying to copy 3 episodes of a Series 24 onto 1 disc - I can’t do it !! I have tried to add all three to one session and it only copies the first episode ! I have copied one episode then it won’t let me copy another. I have clicked various options on theMultisession tab and it doesn’t work. I am going to end up with the complete series 24 on 24 discs - AAAGGHHHH!! help !

Hi there,

You are burning ‘DATA’ on that media ?

What exactly are you trying to do ?

Did you convert those into a VideoDVD and trying to burn 3 episodes in 3 different shots ?

VideoDVD needs to finalize the disk so it can work in your DVD Player.

Is this what’s going on ?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I use Vso DivxtoDVD to convert the files into a DVD format that can be played on a DVD player. We can copy one episode on a disc and watch it on TV, but cannot copy 3 episodes on a disc.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot convert 1 episode and burn, and then convert an other and burn on the same DVD+RW !

The media will be closed, and the next burn, it will format/erase the DVD+RW.

You will need to convert all 3 in a 1 shot, and burn 1 time !

It’s a must to have the DVD+RW play in your DVD Player.

MultiSession can onlly be done with CopyToDVD when burning 'DATA" not VideoDVD.

Hopefully an answer to the above question, i had problems myself with trying to create multiple copies of shows such as lost to fit on a dvd.

I used dvd shrink to reauthor the disks, opening up the new folder created by the program and used dvdshrink to burn them, all working perfectly, plus you can add as many as 10 episodes onto a single disc, still very good quality

IIRC, multisession is outside of the DVD spec. Some software will let you break that spec, but not every player will be able to read anything other than the first session.

You can use DivXToDVD and simply add all the files at once and convert them all into one disc with several episodes that then gets burned into one session.

If you want something a bit better, you can upgrade your version of DivXToDVD (now called ConvertX) and you can make a title menu and choose each episode to play and then go back to the top menu, etc.

Note that both ConvertX and DivXToDVD can also burn straight to disk - you don’t necessarily need CopyToDVD.