Multisession CD burn

I try to burn CD in multisession.

first session work fine but when i try to burn in a second session and i’m calling to OnDoneImport2 event, then when i try to set NeroFolder that i got from OnDoneImport2 event into NeroISOTrack.RootFolder, i get an exception.

I’ll join my code (Console application) that you can run it too.

i must your help - please :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

my nero version is 6,3,0,3

For a proper functionality of NeroCOM in C# and .NET, you need to have at least Nero installed

Hi alexp

Thank you for your reaply!!! :iagree:

I found a way of doing multisession burning by adding all what burned already in media to NeroFolder with new files/folders that I want them to be burned. It’s works but I’m wasting a lot of media’s space because it’s burning again all files/folders that where already in media.

I start to think maybe I can do by my self whatever software doing in OnDoneImport2 event. I’ll insert all relevant data into my NeroFolder without using NeroFolder that returned by "OnDoneImport2 " event, and then I can get fine multisession.

Dose it possible?
If it dose, what should I insert into NeroFolder?

thank you!!!

I am not sure what you meant, but if you want to correctly burn multiple sessions you must use the NeroFolder as supplied by the OnDoneImport2 event as it contains references to the existing files. If done properly, no existing files need to be written to the disc as references are just reused.

hello alexp

I want to have at least Nero while my nero version is 6,3,0,3.
i want it to be able using NeroCom with .NET.
can i dounload some update or i need to buy the new version.

in nero site they offer updating to version but it’s a demo version.
can i use NeroCom from that demo version to burn?


thank you alexp and gapilazo :slight_smile:


I tra to update files from my HD to a DVDRW with a visual basic codefor microsoft access application.

So I need to get all tracks from my DVDRW to compare all the files from the DVDRW to these witch are in a folder in my HD.

It’s important that my access application determine itself the updating of the files in the DVDRW.

For the moment I need to know how to get the tracks count from DVDRW and how to
define the rootfolder to get all files.

I tried to translate the C# code in this forum but I can’t get the OnDoneCDInfo and the OnDoneImport2 elements to know the number of tracks and to access the root folder of the DVDRW to update the files.

This is the last element of a big application I need to use as soon as possible for my job and I can’t resolve it. so if someone can help me I would be very grateful to this person.

i need files Writing to CD/DVD using Nero sdk or other SDK… with Folders/subFolders with Files…
any body haveing source Code pls Send to me

its very urgend pls


I think the NeroSDK can do it , to use the code of NeroAPITest, it can add files and dirs!

i’m working with vb6 and nerocom.
i’m also trying some multisession cd burning, but i dont have any idea how to put the content of the Folder object of the OnDoneImport event into the root directory of the iso track.
errors like “Item already belongs to some collection!” occour when i add the content to the root folder with the add method.

for i=0 to folder.files.count
iso.rootfolder.files.add folder.files(i)
next i

doesnt work

maybe someone knows THE ANSWER …

greetz Jon

ok, now i know THE ANSWER myself:

  • ImportIsoTrack with the number of the last track
  • Set ISO.RootFolder=Folder
    then you can add new data to the RootFolder
    strange but pretty easy

have you got the solution for burning RWCD with multisession option using SDK?