Multisession burn wiped DVD disk

Hi all,

I had a DVD with about 2.5GB of data on it. It was burned in 2 sessions using NERO. On Sunday last, I wanted to add some more data to the DVD. Did the normal in Nero “Continue Multisession Disk” etc. Added my files. The burn seemed to go perfectly. It came back with “Complete” etc. Only problem is that even since then, the disk is being reported as beiong blank in windows explorer. I have tried a few of the data recovery tools such as ISOBuster (registered) etc but none of them see any data on the DVD, they just see a blank disk.

Can I recover any of my data ? How the hell did this happen ? Is there anything I can do at all ? Can anyone offer any advice ?

I am using Nero My DVD drive is a Sony DVD RW DRU-800A. Its a great little drive that performs well. The disk itself btw is a philips DVD+RW.4.7GB.

Many thanks for any replies, I am pretty badly stuck on this one. That data was inportant.