Multisession burn - former files missing

I have a CD that I have multiple tracks of data (photo’s) on - and have never had a problem with accessing any of the data. Yesterday I added another track via Nero and suddenly I can only see that last track (session) in win explorer or via a dos prompt.

The CD I’m using is a CD-R and not a CD-RW.

In Nero’s “Disc Info” section I can see the other tracks are there, their individual file sizes and the entire size on disc (528mb) - there are no “open” sessions.

I really need to get back (or to be able to “see”) the data that is there but somehow now hiding. Can anyone help?


Try ISObuster to recover your data.

@Never_Again :bow:

Got it all back - Thanks!

Good to hear it. Have a close look at the recovered data - another poster with a similar problem managed to recover his MP3s only to find they would not play back. Though in his case it was probably due to very low media quality.