Multisession Burn error (disc-at-once)

I am having a multisession Burn error… “not able to write disc-at-once on an open disc”. This occurs after i try burning to a disc in which i chose to continue a multisession disc. The session was imported, i added some additional files and selected Burn.

I have no problems other wise with my burner and this is the first time i have used the multisession feature with Nero. I have version - the latest version. Windows XP, sufficient memory …blah blah…all is fine with Nero except for this error.

Any ideas?


Just a guess, but try writing in Track-at-once mode instead.

Where you using RW disks?

No, I wasn’t using RW discs. It is however a DVD disc…which shouldn’t matter. I use Ritech discs…good brand. I dont know how to switch the mode to track at once either.