Multisession audio

I have tried to burn “multisession” audio using Nero but it is not possible like the normal data cd.

I have copied 6 audio tracks and did not finalise the cd.
I then tried to copied another 6 tracks but nero keeps asking for a blank cdr.
I thought if you dont finalise the cd you can add more to it at later stage.

Does anyone know a way to do this with audio tracks because, quite often I don’t have enough songs to fill a cd.

Multisession is a data mode only and can’t be used for recording audio.

Record in Audio CD mode in Track-At-Once, and leave Finalize CD unchecked until you have added the final track and want to close the disc.

Note that TAO leads to something which is only similar to an Audio-CD.
According to red-book, audio must be recorded in SAO mode.

the stand alone audio cd players can only read the first session on a cd (this fact is also used in the copy protections on cd’s)
That is why you can’t burn a audio with multiple sessions

Guys thank you for your thoughts, I will try out TAO and see what happens.

Originally posted by alexnoe
According to red-book, audio must be recorded in SAO mode.

Afaik redbook cds must be recorded in DAO mode. SAO mode leaves undefined gaps between the sessions which are not allowed for a redbook cd…