Multisession audio cd problem

just upgraded my nero from 5599 to 55917.burnt a few songs to a blank cd-r(deselected "finalize cd"option)because i wanted to come back and add more songs later.can’t do it now-nero says that i must insert blank cd.i know i can multisession a iso-data cd but what about audio.thanks.i’m probably missing something-why would nero have "finalize cd"option for audio cds.songs that i’ve burnt during my first session are on cd and playing fine.

Multisession recording is for data only.

Audio recording must be done in a single session. If you attempt to record another session, only the first audio session will be recognized and playable.

If you want to add tracks to a CD later, you must record audio in Track at Once mode and leave the session open. When the last tracks are recorded, then the session is closed and the CDR is finalized for audio playback.

If you are recording an audio CDR and don’t want to add any more tracks later, the recording should be done in Disc at Once mode. It makes a better audio recording and automatically closes (finalizes) the session.