Multisession audio cd and Nero

can i burn a multisession AUDIO CD with NERO that can read by most HI-FI system? i have an old Sony hi-fi system and it didn’t play not standard ISO/XA(multisession, i think is) . is it a probelm with the disc i used? i use ritek cdrs.

Originally posted by PLayplay
it didn’t play not standard ISO/XA

ISO discs are data CDs.
You have to choose audio layout.

Anyway, HIFI systems only read the 1st session, so the rest of the sessions are only read by computer drives.

There is no multisession audio. Although one could burn something like that, it would then not be a CD-DA, and many audio players would only see the first session
If you use a DVD player or a CD player which can also read MP3, you might have luck with multisession audio

You can’t.
Stand-alone Hi-Fi-players are single-session devices.
They will only be able to access the first session.

The ‘eXtended Architecture’ (CDXA) has nothing to do with multisessions.
XA allows to use different (logical) sector-sizes within the same track.


tja, ich war wohl zu langsam :slight_smile:

Ok. So i creating new words “multisession audio cd” wtf? :wink:

I remember when i burn my “multisession audio cd” (which is wrong) i choose “track-at-once” option. what’s the different between this and “disc-at-once” ? i got the same result (record succesful)

thanks for the comments!