Multiplexing audio and video

i recently ripped and decrypted a dvd in flask mpeg, it went through the video fine, then the audio, but stupid onflow player (what is that?) used all my resources and hung the machine. I was encoding to mpeg2, what can i use to multiplex the video and audio? Any help would be much appreciated.

It`s very easy…

Get the two Programs TMPG-Encoder and DVD2avi.

Strip the Sound out of your Movie with DVD2avi.
Now you have a big Wavefile on your HDD.

Encode the Wavefile with TMPG-Encoder to the MPEG-1 Audio Format.

To Multiplex klick in TMPG on Tools,then Multiplex.
Click on Mpeg-1 Video CD,import the Videofile and the Audiofile.

Then push the Start-Button to Multiplex the Files.

That`s all…

I know its a little bit short but i dont have the Time to write big Instructions.

Hope i could help you a little bit…


thanks a lot, i’ll give it go. Does anyone know what onflow player is though? I’ve uninstalled it now but i’m sure it kept trying to connect to the net all the time.