Multiplex and de-multiplex? help please



I have NO idea what and how to use multiplex and de-multiplex in TMPGenc3 express. One of my movies only has sound for the first 1/2 hour and then NO sound, but video is fine. Someone said to either multiplex/de-muliplex? I have NO idea what each one does. I also have NO idea how to use it. I would really appreciate any help. I looked around and I still DONT have any idea what they do, and how to use them? I’d really appreciate any help because I am LOST with this, thanks.


Demuxing and remuxing won’t help dropped audio. Whoever told you that wasn’t correct (I’m being polite).
It’s usually a fault in the source avi.
Why don’t you explain using a bit more detail about the source avi’s encoding codecs, and it’s aspect, and what you’re trying to do with it, and what programs you’re using?


Use a tool called “gspot” and drop the avi in it.
Then we can see some more. IF you could post a screen shot of it, then we might be able to help you better

When you watch the movie…the sound suddenly disappears?



If the prolem lies only in the AVI video-audio connection, you could try to extract the whole audio stream (e.g. with VirtualDub, with Audio set on Full Processing Mode then doing File___Save WAV) and to load separately the AVI as ‘video input’ and the WAV file with ‘audio input’ with TMPGenc.
This will work if the WAV’s length matches the AVI’s one.
If you cannnot save the whole stream, you’re in trouble…
This is only a guess, take care…my point of view is that if the input is garbage, it’s very likely you cannot correct it.