Multiple vob files on one dvd

I have read through as many of the guides as i cansee and none seemto help me. I have tried varios methods through nero and have got to the stage where nero burns 4 files that1 want, but only one seems to play, im using nero any help , even easier programs to use greatly appreciated, ps. converted avi to vob with canopus

Am i being too vague , what i am trying to do is burn 4 vob files, all of which are approximatly 1gb in size, onto 1 dvd when using nero it seems to burn all 4 files however on completion only 1 of the 4 is playable on dvd player

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If you are burning them straight to the dvd as a data disc, only one will play. If they are the same movie, you need to use nerovision express to make the dvd, and transcode the files so they will come out with the proper dvd structure. Then you can burn them. I never tried canopus, but if it has the extra files besides the vob files, they have to be in the compilation also.