Multiple video. How to access them?

Hello, great forum, look to be here for a while, neat people…

I’m really struggling with this, help would be greatly appreciated.
My issue:

I have my folder with 20 vids in it, that I converted to .vob’s, so those are ready in their TS-audio/video folder.
Burned them with Nero 6.3. Played on stand alone DVD player, worked.

To access the second video, or third, forth etc. I have to ‘fast forward’ through the first one, then the second, then the third etc. to get to the others videos further on through the DVD.

I’m going nuts on how to figure out how to mount the videos, but to be able to access various videos by hitting “NEXT” on my DVD remote. You know, to quickly click through the videos to play them, rather then having to “Fast Forward” through the DVD. I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.
ps: Do I have to make menus or something else?! Confussed.

When u set up your dvd you have to make chapter points which will allow u to skip from episode 2 episode,with nero after u drop your films into the compilation go to the make chapters section and select the first frame of every film click add chapter,nero will automatically make chapters for you during the encode/author process,u will see all your chapters which u can then rename from default chapter 1 etc to whatever u want.good luck.


Thats exactly what I needed to hear, bravo! Funny, I’ve spent hours googling, reading forums etc. :smiley:

With that explanation, one more question. Say I have 40 clips, I’m in nero in the chapter section, do I have to do each one by hand or is there an ‘auto-add’ chapter option?

Awesome, thank you! :clap:

You can have nero detect scene changes which it will make into chapter points but when u skip with ur remote u might go past a start of a movie,there is a very detailed help file on neros web site,just download your language and install as normal then go to the nero/user guides/vision express link you will find everything u need to make movies/dvd find it at