Multiple user question

I want to purchase DVDFab Platinum to put videos on 2 ipods in my home. Question #1: Do I have to purchase DVDFab Mobile Option in addition to DVDFab Platinum to put the videos on my ipods? I tried the free trial version of DVDFab Platinum a while ago and didn’t have to have the DVDFab Mobile Option to put videos on my ipod. Now I’m confused about needing one program or two programs. Question #2: I have 2 computers in my home and want to have the program on both computers. The website says it has single user license and multi user license for a fee. When I went to purchase the programs it didn’t give me an option to get a multi user license, so I didn’t purchase the programs. I’m not sure what to do and would appreciate any help. Thank you!

posting [B]multiple[/B] threads will not get any more replies…you can read the responses that was given to you in your other threads :frowning:

I just joined this forum to post my question as I had emailed DVDFab and did not get a response this weekend. Since there were so many different forums and subforums I did not think everybody would see one posting on a subforum. I’m so sorry that this bothered you. I won’t bother with posting any question in the future if this is the resonse from forum members.

[B]@samigardener:[/B] the problem with cross-posting multiple times is that it is very difficult to co-ordinate the replies. Members offering a solution may not know that one has been found already; and that is frustrating for them. Hence we ask you to see it from a community perspective, rather than just your own. We don’t make these rules up for fun.

I’ve closed this thread and left just the one in the DVD Fab forum open: