Multiple Twain devices in Windows?

Hi Guys,
Sorry if this query is in the wrong category, it could easily come under General hardware or video too. I’m currently looking to get a scanner,quite possibly the Canon 3000F.
I understand the basics that scanners make use of a TWAIN driver to allow it’s use in other art programs,MS Word etc.

The thing is that I also have a Pinnacle PCTV pro Tv-tuner card also installed,& know it has a Twain device driver installed already-I believe it’s for the use of the supplied remote control.
What I’m concerned about is if I get the scanner,would the presence of multiple twain devices likely cause Windows to crash of at least become unstable? Although I have a dual-boot system, I’m planning on only using the scanner in Win XP Home Ed. (The PCTV pro is already installed & has been from the beginning)

I guess what I’m basically asking is has anyone else had multiple Twain based devices,(eg: Digital camera,scanner etc., or in this case TV tuner & scanner), operate okay under XP?
Thanks for your thoughts in advance. :confused: :slight_smile:

I have twain drivers for Polaroid digital camera, Toshiba digital camera, Logitech web cam, Umax scanner and AverTV tuner/capture card running XP Pro and have never had a problem.:bigsmile:

Thank you very much ww1912. Just a question though, when you wanted to swap between which device was in use,was there a preference box to allow you to change between devices,then?:confused:

I would say this is software related. If I am using a photo editing program or photo album there is a “select source” option on any that I have used. My Umax scanner software naturally only opens the scanner, but I would assume if you had 2 or more Umax scanners connected than you would be presented a choice to choose source if they used different twain drivers.

Okay, thanks again ww1912.