Multiple titles, pick the right one?Is here a way next dvd can figure this out for u

Now the new dvds have the fake movie in the titles which usually there are like 10 and you have to pick which one is the full one

As some software requires you to put the dvd into a player like window media player to see which one of the multiple fake titles plays,but with dvdnext the titles dont match up for instance “up” has like 93 titles in media player but when u put it in dvd next, their is only 28. how in the world can you find out which is he good one.

Does any of the versions have this ability?Or is thier a seting to automatically get the right one.Please advise

Play it in a standalone DVD player and check the on-screen display. That’s probably the most reliable way.

That and when the need is there I use anydvd to rip first to pass on this info to all.