Multiple Titles onto DVD? anyway poss?




I’m basically trying to make a DVD or VCD (don’t mind) of episodes of MASH. There are 24 in the series. I know they can’t all fit onto one disc but 8 episodes would do. Can you make a huge file somehow in VCD format and burn it to a DVD as data?. I tried to make 8 titles work on Ulead DVD movie factory burning to hard drive - thought that would work but it wouldn’t do it as it says ‘compilation too large’ - hard drive has lots of space but it still won’t accept it. My idea was to burn 8 or so with the menus and then use DVD shrink to make them fit the DVD 4.7gb.

Is there any other program to make a dvd menu like its so easy with VCD. Then burn to hard drive and dvdshrink afterwards?

Hope I made myself clear - basically just trying to find an easy way to get 8 episodes on one DVD with some sort of title menu screen.


No, that’s not about to work. You wanna a DVD-VIDEO compliant disc - this requires a special title set/structure and content in mpeg2 with specific bitrates & resolutions!!
Max. res is different for PAL and NTSC, max. bitrate is ca. 9800 mbps.

You should check out all dvd guides and info on:

I made such series on DVD by myself, eg. with ENTERPRISE.
Source was xvid with mp3, no dvd compliant res.
I used virtualDub/nandub to edit & fix the source & decompress it.
Then I used a calculator to calc the max. possible bitrate for 8 eps on a SL DVD.
Then used TMPGEnc to TRANSCODE to 352x288 mpeg2 with high bitrate & very good quality.
Then I’ve used TMPGDVDAuthor to create menus n stuff and make a correct DVD structure.
After that: burning time! >>> watching >>>


Just to let anyone know who reads this. I found an answer. I used Nero Vision Express 2 and initially select DVD video disc. After I added 8 titles (total of 9 GB) it tells me this will only fit a standard 9gb disc but can be reduced to LP to fit onto a standard 4.7gb disc. I selected yes and it seems to work just fine. I can even make a proper menu. Thanks very much to ‘chef’ - I didn’t understand a lot of what he wrote but nevetheless we all have to learn. Hope my reply helps someone.


Yes, it’s kinda complicated firstly but there are also very good guides at & :wink:

If you don’t use “all-in-one” software, you can get really good results (better quality). Just a hint.