Multiple sound devices on WinXP (Pro-SP1), PCI sound card & onboard sound

I installed a sound card with SPDIF after i got a new 5.1 mini-amplifier. Since i did’t want the onboard sound to use any resources, i disabled it in BIOS. And I did probably uninstalled the onboard sound in device manager before i actually put in the new sound card.

Anyway, I use the sound card line-out for head-phones sometimes… and now, the sound from line-out is really distorted. That’s why i want to re-enable the onboard sound!! I enable it in BISO (there’s only 2 options: Auto or Disable). I don’t know why it’s Auto instead of Enable!! Anyway, WinXP won’t detect the onboard sound at all. Of course i can always try to unplug the sound card, and then XP should detect the onboard sound. But i’m worrying that it will be back to “undetectable” once i plug the sound card back in!! Cause i used “devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices” and show all hidden devices in Device Manager and still cannot find the onboard sound anywhere!!

please help… thx 1st…

You should have a driver disc for ur m/board,check your bios because in mine onboard sound has to be enabled in 2 places to work.
Maybe your line out audio level is too high check your mixer settings.(control panel,audio devices,advanced)look for line out and drop it a few notches.

kinda reusing this old post of mine…

Can someone suggest a series of mainboard with onboard sound and its option in the bios is either “enabled” or “disabled”!! Cause i think if the bios options for onboard sound is “auto”, the board will disable the onboard sound if it has detected another sound device.

so, which mainboard are u using?