Multiple slideshows and audio clicking help me

i was wanting to know if there is any way to get 2 seperate slide shows on the same DVD. i have saved them in the *.nvc format and i want to integrate them into the same dvd. however there is nothing that i can do to add the one into the other. i really dont want to have to go and add the pictures all over again after the painstaking croping and audio match up. i saved one to my hard drive as a *.vob but there is a clicking noise that bleeds through the sound. my audio is an *.mp3 from itunes. is there anything i can do to fix this mess? i am using a trial of version 4 but the same issue still exists. i still have version 3 also if i need it.

I don’t suppose the clicking has anything to do with the DRM on the audio file from iTunes. Did you try another type of audio?

I don’t think you can combine project files (.nvc) in NeroVision, but if the projects are done, maybe you could use something else like virtual dub to put them on one DVD. I have no experience in this area, so this is just a thought.

If you have them in .vob form, you might be able to add them to NeroVision and burn them together, but I don’t know if the slideshow part would work.