Multiple slideshows, 1 song?

I was just wondering if this was possible.

I am trying to make a slideshow for my grandparent’s 50th aniversary and I was wondering if I were to make multiple slideshows on one DVD, (different categories of pictures) would it be possible to get just one song to play through all the different slideshows?

I’d like to have the ability to have “chapters” in my slideshow and I think multiple slideshows is the only option. Is there maybe another way to do this that I am not aware of?

I’ve searched and other forums, but I was unable to find anything.

Also I’m using nero 7 ultra.

I just had an idea. Would it be possible to cut the song into pieces and set them to each slideshow individually?

If so what program can do this?

Could someone try this out and let me know if it is possible and what the effect is (does it cut out for a split-second during slideshows, or not) as I am at work at the moment and don’t have the software.

If so, this would be greatly appreceated.

Never mind. Tried the splitting thing. It leaves a gap. Any idea how someone can do this??? I’m getting pretty frustrated here. :a ( :sad: ) :a

Is there anyway to maybe add it in later? After it’s done? in other words can you add music to an ISO?


If you don’t need widescreen mode, try to use Ulead’s CD&DVD Picture Show 4. It offers the possibility to loopback the same song for the slideshow duration.

That’s not quite what I want to do though. I would like to have 2 different slideshows, say 1 slideshow of 1min and another of 1.5mins. I would like to be able to get a song of 2.5mins and have it go through both slideshows.

Thanks anyway

Photodex Proshow Gold will handle that. See You can trim the audio how you want. Their tech support can answer your specific application.