Multiple scanning drives on one IDE channel?

What about two scanners (one Plex, one Litey) on one channel, scanning both at the same time?


I haven’t tried this combo yet but I doubt that it would do any good, especially considering the LiteOn’s tendency to drop samples when scanning at high speeds (and it might be that this worsens if a Plex is on the same channel).
However, the only way to be sure is trying it out. :slight_smile:

Nope, won’t work right.

Is it not working also if both drives are the same (two liteon for example)?

No it will not work very well, they will slow each other down and drop samples.

I have an LG on the same channel as one of my liteons and if the liteon is scanning, the LG cannot read/burn properly, it keeps having underruns etc.

:iagree: Listen to what the men say!

Correct multiple scanning can only be achieved with drives on different controllers (IDE controllers, USB controllers, whatever…) because any sharing of a controller between optical drives leads to incorrect reporting (as mentioned above: slowdowns and/or dropped samples).