Multiple Retarded Problems With Nero, MyDVD, and Roxio Dvd Builder

Some PC Specs…

DVD Burner: LiteOn 411s F0SF (however you spell the F0SF, I upgraded the firmware to the newest version is what I’m trying to say)

I’m using Imation DVD-R’s.

Nero Burning Rom…

When I insert my SVCD MPG (PAL) file to decode, after it decodes, it just closes out of all current nero boxes except the Nero express box. Very weird.


When I try adding just one 800MB Part 1 of a SVCD (PAL) MPG movie, it uses up 3GB! And I am never able to add part 2! Why is this? A dvd should be able to hold both parts. How can I shrink it to fit since MyDVD seems to be a great soft.

Roxio DVD Builder from Easy CD Creator v6.0

When I try burning it under PAL Mode and stick both PAL SVCD MPG files, it says it’s approx around 3.5GB. And I was able to add both. However when I click burn, it decodes it for about 4 hours and then does nothing. The files are in the temp folder…i even set it to burn a ISO and it won’t do it. Nothing happens after it decodes.

So… today I upgraded to the newest version and now I can’t even select my DVD Burner which is the LiteOn 411s btw. So now I’m currently trying to decode it and see what happens after. I just hope it will make a freaking ISO after it’s done. Since it doesn’t give me the option to burn it on DVD now that I upgraded.