Multiple Recording

Ok i have the nero and what i wanted to ask is if it supports multiple recorders.
I have plextor premium and the nec 3500 and i tried to make multiple recording but this option is never visible or i can not find it.
Any help?
I know i can open two instances but just asking for my curiosity

Do you want to burn the same file to both burners or different files?

If it’s the same file, just tick the “Use multiple recorders” checkbox and Nero will ask you to choose your burners went you press “Burn”; just shift-click them to select.

If it’s the second option, just open another nero instance and chose a burner for each one.

It the same avi file but as i said the cjoice to tick multiple recorders is not visible

I have 3 pioneer 110’s installed,
Same problem here too,
no “use multiple recorder” checkbox visible.

It’s not just Nero though, Stomp won’t see any drives at all :a

only the full version supports it