Multiple recorders?

have just updated tp and it does not work for me, when i go to burn a disc i get a message that it cannot burn simultaniously to multiple recordors.

this may be true, BUT, i only have one recorder, a plex 12.10.32S.

have 2 other cd drives and a dvd, all scsi.

have tried a clean install on a newly installed XP and no differant.

gone back to and all is ok



Have you checked if you enabled the option ‘use multiple burners’?

This box should be unchecked…

it was a straight upgrade, i changed nothing, as far as i know box was not checked, but will install again and try it

have reinstalled 5572 and no improvement, unless i am missing something multiple recorders is only an option when burning from an image, in this mode it is turned off.

on a burn directly from the harddisc i cannot see an option for multiple recorders

have just over installed 5564 and it works again. changed nothing after the install,

strange thing is 5572 will blank a CDRW fine, no mention of multiple recorders

:confused: :confused: :confused: