Multiple recorders under XP

Has anyone been able to use multiple recorders under XP? I have two, and only one can have recording enabled under: my computer>cd properties>recording>enable cd recording on this drive. If I select this for one recorder, the other one gets disabled automatically. Under Nero, disabled one reports that inserted media is not writable, although it is! I could not find anything in MS knowledge base. Any ideas?

I don’t hav any problems using multiples recorders under windows XP.

I can burn 3 cd’s at the same time using a plextor 8/20, 12/10/32 and an Liteon 48/12/48.

I can use withoud any problems nero, cdrwin and clonecd at the same time.

But I do have cdrecording with the build in software of xp disabled, maybe that’s your problem??

It sure looks like it may be the reason.

Both CD recorders are disabled in XP now, but TEAC reports that media is not writable??

Take a look at Only One CD-R or CD-RW Disk Drive Can Be Used to Create Compact Discs in Windows XP and see if this has any relevance concerning your problem symptoms.

If it appears that this effect may be related, try moving or reversing the connection order of the burners and see if that makes a difference.

“How to run TEAC CD-W540 in Ultradma mode with SiS 648 chipset”? I narrowed the problem to this:

  • when I set transfer mode for TEAC to PIO only, burning works, but with buffer underruns. No wonder.

  • when it’s set to UDMA 2, no media is recognized as writable. Changed firmware to latest, no joy.

I guess it was working fine before I changed motherboard to ASUS P4S8X. I will connect TEAC to Promise IDE channel and we’ll see.

If you can find updated drivers for your SIS chipset, sometimes and install of the latest version will cure problems such as you are experiencing.